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How to fix the Washington Capitals
You can't fix the problem without identifying what's wrong with the Caps?What we see right now from the Caps is not a bad streak of hockey. It is the physical manifestation of an organization built to sell tickets and not to win. Winning starts with commitment and the Caps have not shown the same level of commitment as other teams who are consistently in the hunt for a Stanley Cup. The Ovechkin er... (continue)
Smoke and Mirrors
On a day when the NHL set a record in player movement and compensationThe Washington Capitals decided to pass on the action leaving Caps Nationwondering what the heck is going on. 

It's not as if the Caps are so close to a Stanley Cup like Boston that theycould just get by with a couple of tweaks. Many agreed after watching the Capspepper the New York Rangers with shots to no effect that the...
Washington Capitals post mortem 2012-2013
I wanted to wait until the pain of going out early again wore off before I wrote my post mortem on the Washington Capitals. I also wanted to hear what the official "Party line" would be from both the organization and those paid by the organization to be subject mater experts.

What I heard from Capitals General Manager, George McPhee and other Capitals paid representatives is basically that they ...
Saying what must be said about the Washington Capitals
The Caps finally have a coach that can get them to beyondtheir normal 1st or 2nd round playoff visits and they come into camp out ofshape? I have zero problem with them being clueless about the system and thelearning period required to gain muscle memory but they are professional hockeyplayers right? I watched a bunch of hockey this weekend and some teams looklike they haven't missed a beat. Some ... (continue)
The most interesting knee in the world
Thanks to injured Redskin Quarterback, Robert Griffin I knowmore about his knee than my own. Thanks to the media beating this dead horse toa fine powdery mist I know what an ACL is and how that is different from an MCLand a LCL. Prior to this I knew that my knee had a cap and it is designed toonly bend one way. It is my hope that RGIII's injuries are not as bad asadvertised and that he can get bac... (continue)
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