Definitive news on Jason Campbell, Okung and other tidbits

Adam SchefterESPN Insider, Adam Schefter reported this morning on the Mike and Mike show that Jason Campbell will remain with the Washington Redskins for the 2010 season. Word of advice for Redskin fans Schefter was Shanahan’s guy when he worked with the Denver Post and covered the Broncos so this is pretty solid info. Schefter went on to say that the Redskins will still draft a QB within the first two rounds which means they are not entirely set to draft a QB at the 4 spot. This will be great news for the Redskins fans that want offensive linemen to be the focus of the draft. I believe it means that the Redskins are keeping their options open. That is a good thing.

Russell OkungChief’s House Writer, Scuba said in response to my article on the Redskins draft and I quote I agree with you about the number of picks. However, having Shanahan in the AFC west for a number of years I have learned one thing: Shanahan likes his quarterbacks. If Shanahan has a chance, I think he will pull the trigger on Bradford, and maybe that might not be until later in the draft. Personally I hope you take him with the 4th pick so the Chiefs can take Okung”

I figured Okung would not last very long if the Redskins did not take him. Many scouts believe based on the Senior Bowl practices and workouts that Jimmy Clausen might be a step or two ahead of Sam Bradford.  I was speaking to a Vikings writer yesterday afternoon that believes should the Vikings fail to get McNabb they could make an offer for Campbell as they think really highly of him and the numbers he put up despite the state of the Redskins organization. Just goes to show that things are a lot different outside of the Redskin bubble. Jason Campbell is a restricted free agent so the Redskins will tender him an offer. If another team wants him the Redskins have the right to match or to receive draft picks as compensation.

JI HalsellJ.I. Halsell, Inside the Cap Writer, NFL Salary Cap Expert and former employee of the Washington Redskins was on the Sports Fix program on ESPN 980 yesterday. He explained the ramifications of an uncapped year which is a certainty. He went on to talk about the Redskins situation in particular. Based on what I heard it appears this is the year to dump dead weight with the least amount of penalty. Click here to listen.

Mike VickSchefter also reported that the most likely landing spot for Michael Vick is St. Louis. I was thinking Vick would land in Jacksonville, Carolina or St. Louis. Schefter added that although Andy Reid stated that Donovan McNabb will be back that Philly could get offers from either the Vikings or Cardinals that could change his mind. Obviously the Cardinals interest shows they have some doubts about Matt Leinart. 

I think this offseason could get wild. So many things can happen. I do think the Redskins will pick a QB but may wait for the second round. I dont see a true can't miss QB in this draft, so why not wait. Get a big nasty OL with the #4 pick. And thats coming from a Giants fan.
Vick in St. Louis would be very interesting. I could see Shanahan keeping Campbell and drafting Bradford/Clausen. Campbell will fill the void until the rookie was ready to know kind of like Jake Plummer.
I was thinking the exact same thing Scuba. I see many similarities in Campbell and Plummer with some notable exceptions. Campbell is not prone to throwing a ton of picks which drove Shanahan crazy. Campbell will not scramble as much as Plummer. That could be good or bad depending on the situation.

Double G - I'm hoping the Skins trade down because staying at 4 with so many holes makes zero sense to me.

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