Top five reasons to welcome Tiger Woods back

Jim Turner
March 16, 2010
  1. Golf matters (to people other than diehards) when Tiger is playing – The Masters may as well be an accounting convention without Tiger Woods. All of the coverage and questions at this year’s Masters would have centered around Woods anyway so may as well have him there.
  2. Money – Money and More Money – Love him or hate him Tiger’s peers should welcome him back for no other reason than when he is around they make a lot more money even though Woods normally wins the “tiger’s share” of the loot.
  3. The fact that Tiger is coming back shows that his family situation is a little more stable - Frankly it is none of our business what they do but it is nice to see them back together and Tiger back to playing golf.
  4. Maybe the tragically lame Tiger jokes can finally go away - They got pretty morbid after a while. 
  5. Higher quality Media Coverage - Now the media will have Tiger to cover (playing golf) instead of the attention starved women (that made poor choices by messing with a man they knew was married)  that want fifteen minutes of fame at the expense of Tiger’s family. Does anyone think these women should be getting famous? I didn't think so.

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