The most interesting knee in the world

Thanks to injured Redskin Quarterback, Robert Griffin I know more about his knee than my own. Thanks to the media beating this dead horse to a fine powdery mist I know what an ACL is and how that is different from an MCL and a LCL. Prior to this I knew that my knee had a cap and it is designed to only bend one way. It is my hope that RGIII's injuries are not as bad as advertised and that he can get back on the football field as soon as possible. In the meantime Mike and Kyle Shanahan are breathing a sigh of relief that they drafted what is now a semi-proven backup in Kirk Cousins. All of you folks that were questioning the Cousins pick in the draft..where are you now?

I'm not going to participate in the nationwide blame game currently taking place because it serves no purpose. The bottom line is that football is an un-natural act. The sport is fast, violent and every player knows the risk before they ever step on the field. RGIII is a super smart guy who knew the risk yet was willing to play regardless so ultimately the blame starts and ends with him. On that same note Jay Cutler caught all kinds of grief when he pulled himself out of the Bears playoff game. People claimed that he quit on his Bears team but Cutler probably did the right thing when his body told him enough. So if RGIII pulled himself out of the game in the 2nd Quarter what would we be saying today? Something worth thinking about isn't it?

Another issue here that no one is really discussing is the condition of the field which if I were playing the blame game is where I might start. The field looked like something out of a monster truck rally. Apparently the Seahawks filed an official complaint because their player and former Redskin, Chris Clemmons was injured and no one touched him. RGIII just tried to pick up a low snap and no one touched him either so if I were a detective I'd start at the scene of the crime...just sayin.

I am waiting like everyone else to hear the results from Dr. James Andrews examination but it appears to be bad news regardless. Let's hope it is manageably bad instead of horrifically bad. Just understand that the nationwide sports media sees this as a juicy topic so they will continue to beat this dead horse and RGIII's knee will continue to be the most interesting knee in the world. Stay thirsty my friends but protect your knees please.


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